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Into This Moment Training FAQ

Q1. How can I know I will be successful practicing Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations?

A1. There is a very simple, 2 minute exercise I can walk you through that will assure you. We do this during a phone conversation so I can customize the instructions to best suit you. Have ready a blank sheet of paper with a large circle drawn on it. Then call me (Barbara) at +1 847-566-6559.

Q2. Is the email support unlimited?

A2. Yes, email support is unlimited.

Q3. Do you have experience working with emotional/psychological difficulties?

A3. Yes I have experience working with emotional/psychological difficulties. Depression, social anxiety disorder, body dismorphic disorder, low self esteem, relationship conflicts, OCD....

Q4. What are the "testing charts" and how important are they to use as I can not use them while with a client?

A4. The testing charts are important during the learning process for several reasons. 1. The pages of complex symbols actually represent different things at different times, and with different people. 2. There are also pages that detail the advanced protocols I've developed. 3. The pages of word lists are nice when someone is curious to know what you're finding, and because they give you correction ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise.

I teach you how to access the testing charts when they are not in front of you, and without needing to consciously know the specific elements on the page. This helps your verbal consciousness to actively listen and talk to your client while you are simultaneously doing energy work.

Q5. I am a Yuen student, what will Into This Moment training add to my current process?

A5. The best way I know to answer this question is to quote intermediate through certified Yuen students who have then taken ITM courses:

~ "I have never found anything so fast and simple and easy and non-confusing."

~ "I cannot begin to tell you how you have helped me in my ability and being open to other ideas and variables that could make this method faster."

~ "An answer to my prayers for sure!! I was so thrilled with these materials that I was actually squealing as I paged through the file. Thank you thank you thank you! It is PRICELESS "

~ "I liked using your symbols from memory because I could do it without having to get any charts or identifying any energetic "weaknesses." I did it quickly and without giving it much time, effort, or thought! Cool, huh?"

~ "I highly recommend Into This Moment Workshops for therapists and energetic practitioners who are serious about continuing to learn new ways of looking at the issues being presented by clients...The material provided in Into This Moment training offers a new, important look at the possibilities."

Q6. How significantly does Into This Moment healing differ from the way I use the Yuen Method?

A6. Into This Moment and Yuen can be compared as Renaissance literature is compared to Renaissance art. They are both the same fundamental style. They are both forms of expressive communication. They both evoke emotion/feeling. They communicate differently. Renaissance literature is word based. Renaissance art is visual based. Into This Moment uses a very fast, symbolic approach, even when using word rich chart pages. Yuen students tend to focus on verbal articulation of the cause of energy weakness, which is a slower process. Into This Moment also has significantly different's faster to learn too.

Q7. What are tele-practice sessions?

A7. On the 4th Tuesday of each month we hold tele-practice sessions exclusively for Into This Moment students. This is via a conference phone line. It's an informal time that lasts 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Attendees can ask or answer questions, and practice working on each other. The calls are recorded for those who can not make the live call. You can also replay the call to receive deeper healing.




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