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Who is Barbara Robins
and why does she know so much
about energy healing?

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Barbara Robins, is The Energy Optimizer™, and founder of a global practice offering professional, and personal sessions, products and training. She believes everyone deserves to live, and work at the speed of fun™. Using her proprietary process she helped an athlete who was staring into the end of their career, win their first Olympic Gold Medal in just seven weeks!

As the developer of her leading-edge quantum-energy system, Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations®, with students in over 50 countries, Barbara is able to accelerate transformation in a way that is fun, fast, and easy so you can thrive in authenticity and excellence.

Recently she has taken ancient, proven, Chinese energy medicine and brought it up to the 21st Century by making it available 24/7 ON-DEMAND on you phone, tablet and computer.

In addition to master certification in several advanced distant energy healing methods, she has been mentored by some of the top-notch business leaders in the world including T. Harv Eker, Suzy Prudden, and Berny Dohrmann.

Barbara is a contributing author to the best selling book “Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women.” She has 5 books in process. One of them, “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Business Dating Book:15 Steps for Finding and Working With the Right People” is soon to be released.

Barbara says "Wherever you are on your path, or in the world, if you are ready for your life to shine brighter I'm here to help you GLOW".



I met briefly with Barbara in a chat room... (After) she had done some
healing work on me...the tension in my body and anxiety were reduced,
I would say, about 80%...(She has) touched my life in a 24 hour period
in ways that no self help book, no praying, no friend, no counseling,
has ever touched me." KW

Dear Reader,

A number of people have asked me how I found the Yuen Method so I'll tell you here. My younger daughter "came complete" with a myriad of health problems beginning with severe diaper rash, which progressed to ear and respiratory infections, then asthma, anxiety, ADHD, pyroluria, many sensitivities including metal (ever notice how much metal there is in a school?)

I took her to numerous MD's and alternative practitioners but found little that could help her. Someone suggested I take her to see Dr. Kam Yuen, who happened to be in town that week. I made an appointment for her with him, not even knowing what kind of doctor he was - that's how desperate I was to find help for her.

The evening after the appointment, while Dr. Yuen was in a session with someone else (who had the same problem I had - needing a lift in one shoe) I received a healing while driving home. I felt heat and tingling on my back. When I got home I took off my shoes, stood in front of the mirror and I was standing straight! The next day I ran to my chiropractor to confirm this healing really happened. After taking a look at me she said "Who is this man?!"

I wanted to learn more about what Dr. Yuen did so I attended a lecture he was giving a few days later. At that lecture I knew I had to learn this procedure. I signed up to take the basic workshop for that coming weekend.

"Wow!" is all I can say. The technique was very easy for me to learn and I was healing people from that weekend on. I put myself on the fast track and in May, 2003 received my Master Practitioner certification. What a joy it is to help people feel better immediately!

You're probably asking, "So what ever happened with your daughter?" Her asthma symptoms and other physical and emotional difficulties have diminished and she has more confidence in herself. We now recognize that she is a natural healer with highly tuned intuition.

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Barbara's Credentials (click)

In addition to master certification in the Yuen Method and Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing Barbara has been trained by some of the top-notch leaders in the world including Keith Cunningham (the rich dad in Rich Dad, Poor Dad), T. Harv Eker, Berny Dohrmann, Blair Singer, Alex Mandossian, Michael E. Gerber, Libby Gill and Joel Roberts.


  • CEO Space 712
  • World's Greatest Marketing Seminar - Peak Potentials. 2011
  • Wizard Training Camp - Peak Potentials. 2011
  • Guerrilla Business School - Peak Potentials. 2011
  • Master of Influence - Peak Potentials. 2010
  • Train the Trainer - Peak Potentials. 2010
  • Enlightened Warrior Training Camp - Peak Potentials. 2010
  • Extreme Health - Peak Potentials. 2010
  • Life Directions - Peak Potentials. 2010
  • Millionaire Mind Intensive - Peak Potentials. 2008, 2009
    (A holistic approach to money management)
  • Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing.
    Master Certification. 2006
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Certification. 2004
  • Yuen Method Master Practitioner Certification. 2003
  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certification. 2002
  • Yuen Method Beginning through Advanced Training. 2001 - 2003
  • Independent research in various alternative-healing modalities. 1999 - 2001
  • Workshop: Interdisciplinary Education through the Arts. Columbia College 1996
  • Workshop: Teaching the Artistically Gifted. 1992
  • Workshop: Papermaking. 1992
  • Workshop: A Montessori Approach to the Creative Arts. 1990
  • BFA, Art Education, University of Illinois, Urbana 1976

Years Professionally Practicing:
    I have been in practice since 2001



  • Contributing author to the best selling book Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women V2 2011.
  • Timeless Vibrations - numerous CDs and Mp3s with embedded healing vibrations. 2003 - present
  • Shifting Consciousness. An adaptation of Living From the Heart by Mark Greenia. 2003
  • Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations Training Program. Level One: 2003
    Level Two: 2004
    Level Three: 2011
  • Q & A for Beginning Yuen Method Students. 2002
  • Quick Reference Guide for Yuen Method Students. 2002
  • Machzor for the High Holidays. The first comprehensive Messianic Jewish High Holiday Prayer book. 1986
  • Strategic Planning Committee for Mundelein High School. 2002
  • ArtWorks! Multi-Arts Kids Museum, Founding Member, Mundelein School Dist 75. 1994-95
  • Mundelein School Dist 75 Fine Arts Committee. Consultant. 1992-93
  • Worship Development. Committee Chairman B'Nai Maccabim. 1984 - 86
  • Worship Development. Committee Chairman Adat Ha Tikva. 1977 - 78
  • Youth Outreach Center Counselor. His Place, Champaign, Illinois. 1974
  • Various photographs published in Beth Sar Shalom Magazine. 1976
  • University of Illinois Fine Arts Department Photo Traveling Show. 1973
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In 2006 I set the intention for myself to work behind the scenes doing energy work on the Oprah Show. It came true, during a number of phone conversations with one of the show's top producers. This was around the time the movie The Secret came out. I mentioned the movie to the producer. No one on the show had heard of it! Soon after that Oprah had several episodes with the cast from The Secret.

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