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A friend of mine, who I've known for quite some time, called me saying that her 21 month old daughter seemed to be suffering from an ear infection. The toddler had been awake almost all night and continued to be crabby and very clingy that morning. I initially felt the source of the problem was at an emotional level so I began to work in that direction.

A few minutes later my friend told me the most unusual story. She had been in the car with her daughter the day before. They were in the right lane coming up to an intersection. All of a sudden the car that was in the left lane turned directly into her. However this second car became transparent and crossed through her car as it proceeded into the driveway to their right. My friend said the driver never saw her and no one seemed to hear her honk her horn. Quite shaken she pulled over and tried to calm herself.

As she began telling me this story I thought she was talking to "kill time" as I was working on her daughter. I had no reason to think it had any relevance to the daughter's ill health. However, and of course you knew there was going to be a "however," as she got into the telling of the event I saw a wall of energy come down in front of her as she drove. She passed through that wall into a new vibrational frequency. When she came out on the other side of the wall I sensed that some part of her child was left behind. I told her that and checked in the old frequency to find the part of her child that was still there. Once found I brought that part of her child into the new frequency and integrated it back into her. I realize this is "way out there" but I've learned through practice to trust everything that comes up and go with it. It could be real or symbolic but that doesn't matter.

IMMEDIATELY upon doing that the child jumped off her mother's lap and began to dance and sing and delightfully play with no signs of illness whatsoever. My friend and I were awe struck at the immediate and huge change in the daughter's behavior. You know, when someone has an ear infection how often do you think to yourself "oh, must be some part of her that was left behind in an old frequency." Not in a million years would we normally think that!

How is the Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations Process
Different from Other Energy Healing Modalities?
ITM utilizes a more advanced form of cause assessment and a more efficient process than Reiki, Neuraltherapy, BodyTalk, QuantumTouch, etc.

1. ITM testing is done remotely and is not tied to using slides/vials, remedies, tables, or other physical things, thus allowing for phone or other distance sessions. Also, not needing physical equipment means you can practice or receive ITM healing anywhere. For example, if you have been trained in ITM and were in a car accident, you could immediately begin healing work on yourself or your injured passengers, for both the emotional trauma as well as their physical needs.

2. ITM addresses the non-conscious origins of problems (where most problems originate) without the patient or the practitioner having to attach words to the problem. To work with someone until they become aware can take a long long time - that's what talk therapy is all about. Even skilled energy practitioners are not always able to easily name the cause of a problem. Because ITM goes immediately to the energetic signal that holds the cause of a problem, naming it is unnecessary.

3. ITM is a more thorough process than most other healing modalities. To correct as deeply as is needed, everything tested must be retested until all is strong/optimized. With any other modality this can be a long tedious process that can leave both the practitioner and the patient exhausted. Many modalities don't account for this retesting so you can be left with incomplete healing. Retesting is necessary because issues are rarely experienced in isolation, they are usually entangled with other issues. Many times only a portion of an issue can be corrected before another issue becomes the priority. That second issue must be addressed before continuing with the first one. ITM efficiently addresses all the entanglements in just a matter of minutes.

4. Using ITM, attunements and upgrades are also more efficient processes than most other healing modalities. Just as in #3, other modalities can leave you with an incomplete attunement or upgrade. Sometimes there are entangled issues to clear before the full attunement can be completed.

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