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"Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. That's it!"

 Every time I went to the Yuen classes page my spiritual guides said "No, that's not it. Finally I came across Barbara's stuff and they were like "Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. That's it!


Jack Bennett
Spiritual Response Therapist



"Flexibility, Speed and Empowerment"

I love the flexiblity of ITM, its speed and the empowerment it gives people in creating health and wellbeing. Above all I love how it, and Barbara make healing fun!

Leigh Russell Jr


"In a Week Everything has Changed"

Dear Barbara,  

The last 7 months haven't been easy for me. You might call it a personal crisis, a Dark Night of the Soul, some kind of purification. Fighting personal demons, a sensation of endless falling, holding the mind together by counting the seconds passing by...  

I've gone through the fires more than once so I knew that someway, somehow it was leading me to an outcome that would serve a higher purpose in the way it happened many times before. A few weeks ago it became clear to me that it had everything to do with healing/ being a healer but at the same time it was obvious that it had to do with something that was more or less "outside the box." Last Saturday I was strolling through Second Life doing a search on "healing" when I found your profile and got to your Website. "Bingo" and "Yes"..!! Next day I ordered an Auto-Barbara session and ITM 1...  

It's again Saturday now; a week has passed.
It seems as if in that week everything has changed. I'm working with ITM almost 24/7; it's even there in my dreams. In the first two days I muscle tested almost everything but now it just "shows up" most of the time. Part of me is wondering what the hell he's doing with all those charts; the other part smiles at him and just knows...:-)

And yes...sleeping well after being an insomniac for months..
And least half of the tension is gone...
And yes...smiling...!  

What's next..? ITM2.
"Isn't that too early; aren't you going too fast" one part asked.
The other part smiled and made the order.

Thank you, Barbara; thank you...!!
All the best to you,

Peter van Vlimmeren
The Netherlands


"...Amazingly Fast and Easy Recovery"

I got my first feedback yesterday from a co-worker who I did some remote energy work for when she had a (vaginal) hysterectomy a few weeks ago. I spoke with her very briefly by phone when I learned she was to have this surgery the following day and she asked me to do some remote energy clearing for her when I could.

I remembered to do the energy clearing while I was driving home from work. I thought of her and imagined the symbols from your level one manual. It only took a minute or so to clear her using the symbols. I thought of her again the next day (day of surgery) and "knew" that she was out of surgery and was now feeling stunned by the experience and was thinking "what have I done?" I again imagined the symbols from your flow charts and sent the energy to her. To my surprise she again only needed energy clearing for a very short amount of time ( less than a minute!). I "tuned" in to her again later that day and again she needed only less than a minute of energy work. During the next few days I 'tuned' in again and got that she was fine and did not need any further energy work. The only energy work I remember doing for her "on the fly" this whole time was with your symbols/Mandalas.

I had lunch with her yesterday. She is back to work after only 3 weeks! (The doctor told her it would be 6 weeks before she would be able to go to work.) She says she feels just fine. She also reported that she was aware of the energy work when I did it and that she did in fact wake up from surgery and felt "Oh, no, what did I do?" because she felt so nauseated and bad from the surgery, but that it cleared shortly afterwards. She had an amazingly fast and easy recovery.

I liked using your symbols from memory because I could do it without having to get any charts or identifying any energetic "weaknesses." I did it quickly and without giving it much time, effort, or thought! Cool, huh?

Love, Marilyn
Yuen Method Practitioner


"Quickest and Most Beneficial Healing Results"

Barbara Robins teaches the development of trained guided intuition, using our consciousness in conjunction with the laws of natural bio-energetics for the quickest and most beneficial healing results.
Dan Wray, Reiki Master


"A New, Important Look at the Possibilities"

As a graduate of the Yuen Method Mastery program, I continue to see amazing results in working with my clients using Yuen Energetics techniques, and I am very excited about this work.

Because of this, and because of my desire to continue to learn additional ways to assist my clients in their healing process, I recently attended Into This Moment Basic Level training as taught by Barbara Robins of Zemira Healing. I am so glad that I made the decision to attend this workshop, as the information has been extremely helpful in my practice. I find that I am using many of the new and advanced ITM flowcharts on a daily basis and, as a result, I look forward to participating in the second level of Into This Moment training soon.

I highly recommend Into This Moment Workshops for therapists and energetic practitioners who are serious about continuing to learn new ways of looking at the issues being presented by clients. In my opinion the field of "Energetics" is wide open, and the material provided in Into This Moment training offers a new, important look at the possibilities.

Martha Smith
Certified Yuen Method Practitioner
Tranquility Center, Inc.
3340 West Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 994-2950


"Handled in Stride Some Problems at Home"

I just wanted to let you know how great yesterday was. Thanks for all your time and wisdom. I know I walked out with more knowledge.You are truly a gifted person. Also because of the work we did yesterday to release some anger, I was able to handle in stride some problems at home.

Barlett, Illinois


"Personal, Social and Professional Shifts cannot be Measured"

Hi Barbara,

It is difficult for me to summarize my feelings about this course, because there are so many things I could say that my mind goes faster than I can type!

Immediately I noticed that my interactions at work were enhanced. I was more proactive and was better able to manage and diffuse high-stress/emotionally-charged situations and "difficult" people.

Within a few days of taking the class one of my staff members had a salesperson literally screaming at her about an issue on a job that fell outside of her responsibilities and was beyond her control. When all was said and done, not only had the sales person apologized, our client was thrilled!

This week I have worked closely with another employee (formerly on my "top ten list" of difficult people), and not only have communications gone smoothly, I have received several sincere "thank you" notes for my assistance!

Beyond work, this course has helped me to reduce my stress level tremendously, and regain balance when I simply haven't been able to by other means.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone simply for the sake of knowledge and serenity. The personal, social and professional shifts you can experience as a result are a benefit that simply cannot be measured. (They say those who have issues major in psychology. I say take this class first! J)

"Shifting Consciousness" and your "Q&A" guide were wonderful supplements to the course that added depth and helped me "digest" the material.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next class. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and your gift, and for guiding us on the path to being healers.



"One Protocol Worth the Whole Cost of the Workshop"

After participating in a demonstration of the Essential Emotional Repatterning protocol Yolanda said: "This is worth the whole cost of the workshop right here!"


"People Learned More than They Realize"

Barbara came and spoke to my class and we had a great time. Her enthusiasm about her work is contagious and several of us signed up for her workshop. She has a sincere desire to help others and I think people learned a lot in more ways than they may realize. Thank you Barbara! Debbie, Lake Zurich, IL



With this technique it's fun to work on myself.

Paul Gardner, Wisconsin


"Blazingly Fast Distance Healing"

Subject: Fwd: check this letter to my email list
From: "Leigh Russell Jr"
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 14:29:47 -0400


The attached PDF file is from my Fellow Radio Healer, Friend and Teacher, Barbra Robins.

It is with great joy that I announce she is now teaching her blazingly fast distance healing techniques in this area!

When I first encountered Barbara, almost one year ago, I was unsure that any healing done this fast could be effective. Barbara has floored me! What I have learned from her has added to my life in every way and dimension. My own distance healing skills have soared outside the parameters of what I previously thought was possible and my clients are pleased!

Here is a short story about one of the first times we decided to do healing over the air at WKNE's John O'Morning show, 1290 AM. I was in the studio and she was on the phone calling from Chicago. An elderly woman called and asked for help with depression. As we talked to her we found out that her depression was due to the loss of movement in her fingers due to arthritis. We both worked on her hands doing the distance healing method she is now teaching. In two minutes the woman felt relief from pain and was able to move her fingers again!

About a month later we were on the air again asking for callers to call in for healing. The same woman called again, to say thank you because she still had increased mobility in her hands and fingers!

Being able to touch the lives of other through healings like this is just one of the many gifts you will receive from this workshop.

Keep in mind one of the greatest things about this technique is you don't have to be a healer, or a "believer" of anything to do it or receive it. Be skeptical and let it amaze you right before your eyes.

For more information see the attached poster, or her website at or email

Love and Light,




From Mark Greenia, author of Living From the Heart. Comments on the adaptation of his book I did for use in my class:

Hi Barbara,

I received your beautiful booklet today "Shifting Consciousness." I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it came out. It really warmed my heart to see this material captured in this way, and having you able to share it with others.

I can really feel how you have connected with the material and how it merges so well with your intention and with your own messages.

Very, very beautiful job. It was definitely the highlight of my day seeing your workbook. Thank you so much.

I sincerely wish you the best with all your classes.

Love and light,



"What a Resource for All of Us"

"I am so relieved to have found your "Coaching Center". As you know I am a "newbie" in CEM...You know how desperate I was when I called, as I felt I had no where to turn for questions that had me completely stumped. Your natural teaching abilities along with your years of experience helped calm me down and gave me realistic, down to earth answers to many of my questions. What a resource for all of us to be able to tap into your experience and allow us to keep on healing. I look forward to many more sessions as I learn the depth and breath that CEM has to offer.Thanks Again!

Mary Harold
San Diego, CA



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