Ankle Pain

Lower Back Pain

Chakra Balancing, Hernia Pain, Blood Sugar Problem

Bruised Heart

Spiritual Healing and Ingrained Behavior Patterns

Not Happy Turning 40

Low Energy/Back Pain

Test Anxiety

Delivering a Baby


Unhappy Turning 40

Ibake24hr: ok i need help
IntoThisMoment: what's going on Bake?
Ibake24hr: what is energy healing
IntoThisMoment: This is a non-invasive, non-touch therapy that identifies and corrects energy imbalances at the source of the problem...
IntoThisMoment: Yuen Energetics corrects physical. emotional, behavioral, intellectual, psychic, spiritual, past life, DNA, entities, etc
Ibake24hr: oh wow
IntoThisMoment: so basically, we balance the body's subtle energy fields.
Ibake24hr: well my life is boring...not sure what I am to do next
Ibake24hr: I will be 40 next year
IntoThisMoment: boring eh? not happy baking cookies 24/7?
Ibake24hr: and am freaking out about it
IntoThisMoment: well I can take a look at why your freaking out and maybe correct it
Ibake24hr: you know the whole where are you.. what should you be doing,
Ibake24hr: and well of course still have not been in relationship for like 13 years
IntoThisMoment: ok well we'll take a look at your fears and anxiety and and do some finder of lost relationship corrections
IntoThisMoment: how does that sound?
Ibake24hr: k
IntoThisMoment: Ibake24hr - Disclaimer: Yuen Energetics™ and IntoThisMoment make no claim of diagnosis, treatment or cures of symptoms, conditions or diseases...
IntoThisMoment: Yuen Energetics™ may or may not facilitate the healing process. Consult your physician for treatment.
IntoThisMoment: Now, sit back and relax and if you start to feel tingly or warm or lightheaded or tired that is from energy pathways opening up. Let me know if you feel or think anything.
Ibake24hr: k
IntoThisMoment: correcting higher source connections right now
IntoThisMoment: do you ever feel like your head is spinning, sort of a difficulty focusing thing?
Ibake24hr: yes!
IntoThisMoment: ok how does that feel now?
IntoThisMoment: do you feel a little more focused now?
Ibake24hr: yes i do
IntoThisMoment good Bake
IntoThisMoment: and anxiety, trauma and connection to turning 40 in past lives
IntoThisMoment: also collective conscious connections about turning 40
Ibake24hr: k
IntoThisMoment: ok Bake, how do you feel now?
Ibake24hr: better
IntoThisMoment: good
IntoThisMoment: so, when you think about turning 40 how do you feel about that now?
Ibake24hr: like its going to be a good thing......
IntoThisMoment: cool, very different than you felt about it before
Ibake24hr: yes.......
IntoThisMoment: that's sooo wonderful Bake!
Ibake24hr: yes..thank you
IntoThisMoment: you're welcome Bake
Ibake24hr: i like have a smile on my face now....
IntoThisMoment: :)
Ibake24hr: thank you

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