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Lower Back Pain

Chakra Balancing, Hernia Pain, Blood Sugar Problem

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Chakra Balancing, Hernia Pain, Blood Sugar

There's a lot going on in this transcript as the three people who receive healings have intermingled dialogue. If you're not used to reading chat room chat this can be a bit confusing. If it is confusing I suggest you read one of the other transcripts which are mostly two people only.

OneIsWhatOneIs: altho you've answered the first question...the next is...Does this relate to Quantum physics where the expectations of the observer always affect outcomes on the sub-atomic level?

IntoThisMoment: Rasha, energy healing looks at your subtle energy fields, in your body, and corrects the imbalances there

AngelMichaelsGal: he he ITM, understood, I'd be happy to recommend once I've had an experience of it; reiki I can speak for as I've experienced it

AngelMichaelsGal: I imagine your Yuen Energetics is very good too: you are very very sincere and honest and shining and that speaks volumes to me about the work you do

Rasha2004: so it's like chakra therapy or like it?

IntoThisMoment: thank you Angel..I guess at this time I should do a bit of a session on you Angel

AngelMichaelsGal: Changito, I used to do tarot. These days I no longer need the help of the cards :) It's all intuitive

ChangitoDeSatana: BRB

IntoThisMoment: One, if we can get rid of the word "observer" then I can answer that one's intent can effect outcome

AngelMichaelsGal: ITM *smiles* If you like... Not necessary, tho :)

OneIsWhatOneIs: ah....gotcha...thanx

IntoThisMoment: Rasha I work on the chakras and other energy signals as well

IntoThisMoment: Angel, I'll just do your chakras right now..ok?

Rasha2004: ok

AngelMichaelsGal: OK, I'm game!

AngelMichaelsGal: I very much appreciate this

Rasha2004: I'm gettin it now

IntoThisMoment: Angel - if you start to feel tingly or warm or lightheaded or tired that is from energy pathways opening up. Let me know if you feel or think anything.

AngelMichaelsGal: *nods* I think I can handle it...

IntoThisMoment: Rasha - You can visit to learn more about this technique.

Rasha2004: Thank you

AngelMichaelsGal: always start with the base chakra, do you?

IntoThisMoment: no not always

Babyblu0144: IntoThisMoment, I have both high and low blood sugar...what can an energy healing do to help that?

IntoThisMoment: but you were talking about something being off and that just seems to be the place to start

AngelMichaelsGal: *nods*

IntoThisMoment: high AND low blood sugar? sheesh, you must feel like you're on a roller coaster

Babyblu0144: exactly

IntoThisMoment: Baby, YE healing should be able to even you out

ChangitoDeSatana: BACK

IntoThisMoment: Angel, how do you feel now?

Babyblu0144: by unblocking any energy?

AngelMichaelsGal: Interesting, I felt only one chakra 'give', tingling; the one at the base of the spine

IntoThisMoment: yes Baby

IntoThisMoment: Angel, I look at the 7 major chakras down to the 12th level usually

AngelMichaelsGal: No instant change at this time, but that chakra is still moving, I can quite physically feel it,

AngelMichaelsGal: I have a suspicion that the effects are going to gradually accumulate

AngelMichaelsGal: *nods*

IntoThisMoment: yes I think you're right

IntoThisMoment: plus I'm still working on my way to the 12th level

IntoThisMoment: ALL: if others here are feeling tingly or warm or lightheaded please let me know

AngelMichaelsGal: and for some reason I also keep getting intuitive visuals of myself with a certain tool that is normally associated with my angel

OnlineHost: "ChangitoDeSatana" has left the room.

AngelMichaelsGal: which I don't understand at this time

IntoThisMoment: just checked your 8th chakra - lots of weakness there

OneIsWhatOneIs: I'm kind of feeling lightheaded...but I think its also because I'm reading your website and things are clicking in my mind

AngelMichaelsGal: which would the 8th be? (do you count from bottom up or top down?)

IntoThisMoment: One - you are receiving what I call "second hand" energy

IntoThisMoment: you have some of the same weaknesses as angel and are receiving corrections

IntoThisMoment: 1 is the base chakra

AngelMichaelsGal: Oh, ok

AngelMichaelsGal: Crown, in other words

AngelMichaelsGal: That's fascinating! Yet correct

OneIsWhatOneIs: holy hell....Kabbalah....

IntoThisMoment: Crown is the 7th

OneIsWhatOneIs: you study MANY things apparently Angel

AngelMichaelsGal: *grins*

OneIsWhatOneIs: and so has ITM...

IntoThisMoment: ok Angel, you're "cooked' lol

AngelMichaelsGal: Pardon me, I'm not aware of what the 8th is then :)

AngelMichaelsGal: I thought the chakras ended at the crown :)


AngelMichaelsGal: *sticks thermometer in self* Yep

OneIsWhatOneIs: I'm not sure anyone has properly correlated..even Kabbalah has differences of opinions on locations

IntoThisMoment: Angel, I actually don't remember what that one is named but it's above your head

AngelMichaelsGal: *nods*

AngelMichaelsGal: there's the third eye, and then the crown above that

IntoThisMoment: at least that's what I've been taught and have heard that from a number of sources

AngelMichaelsGal: Hm, interesting,...

OneIsWhatOneIs: can you give me a reading ITM or is that already done?

AngelMichaelsGal: because the system of chakras I know I too have heard from a few sources

AngelMichaelsGal: I of course bow to your expertise on this :)

AngelMichaelsGal: I find the divergence no less interesting :)

OnlineHost: "kjlife57" has entered the room.

IntoThisMoment: One I don't call these readings but I will check for energy weaknesses and heal/correct/balance them when I find them

AngelMichaelsGal: *nods*

IntoThisMoment: kjlife - Welcome to the Click-In Clinic. Pull up a chair and relax. I'm here to answer questions about Yuen Energetics energy healing and offer newcomers a brief sample healing.

OneIsWhatOneIs: bad on the wording
AngelMichaelsGal: Thank you, IntoThisMoment :)

IntoThisMoment: One, what is bothering you right now that I can focus on?

IntoThisMoment: you're welcome Angel
kjlife57: hello to all

OneIsWhatOneIs: physically...I have a muscle herniation at my navel and I think I may have prostate I've had a bad knee and bad back for some time

OneIsWhatOneIs: and bad

IntoThisMoment: One, name one thing that is causing you "pain" at this very moment

Babyblu0144: hello kjlife


hi baby
OneIsWhatOneIs: right now what concerns me most is the herniation

Babyblu0144: welcome life....very interesting room

IntoThisMoment: ok, and what is your pain level there right now from 1-10

kjlife57: hope so just got here

OneIsWhatOneIs: its more like discomfort....about 4

AngelMichaelsGal: I'm gonna jet, room,... thank you IntoThisMoment, and blessings

Babyblu0144: blessings angel

IntoThisMoment: OneIsWhat - Disclaimer: Yuen Energetics and IntoThisMoment make no claim of diagnosis, treatment or cures of symptoms, conditions or diseases. Yuen Energetics may or may not facilitate the healing process. Consult your physician for treatment.

IntoThisMoment: Now, sit back and relax and if you start to feel tingly or warm or lightheaded or tired that is from energy pathways opening up. Let me know if you feel or think anything.

OneIsWhatOneIs: agreed

IntoThisMoment: take care Angel

IntoThisMoment: One is the pain still at a 4?


IntoThisMoment: what is it now?

OneIsWhatOneIs: 3...
IntoThisMoment: ok good
OnlineHost: "AngelMichaelsGal" has left the room.

IntoThisMoment: I'm continuing to work on it

IntoThisMoment: ok what is the pain level now?

OneIsWhatOneIs: a lil lower...

IntoThisMoment: good

IntoThisMoment: and now?

OneIsWhatOneIs: mmm....gone.....

IntoThisMoment: :)

OneIsWhatOneIs: the condition is still there of course but the pain is not...

OneIsWhatOneIs: this will bear much consideration....

IntoThisMoment: yeah..I was working on pushing the herniation back into place

OneIsWhatOneIs: the whole thing flows right into the lines of what I've been studying

Babyblu0144: Moment...could you do a check on me please?....when you are finished

OneIsWhatOneIs: how important is the belief of the receiver?

IntoThisMoment: I've done energy plastic surgery before but haven't done a hernia yet

IntoThisMoment: the belief is not important at all..I work on animals and babies and they neither believe or disbelieve

IntoThisMoment: sure Baby

OneIsWhatOneIs: true.....

IntoThisMoment: Baby, what is bothering you right now?

OneIsWhatOneIs: ok...thank you very much...I'm reading your website for further info...

Babyblu0144: my blood sugar problems

IntoThisMoment: oh yeah, so how are you feeling right now?

IntoThisMoment: you're welcome One...glad your pain is gone

OneIsWhatOneIs: take care...thanx again for your assistance...

OnlineHost: "OneIsWhatOneIs" has left the room.

Babyblu0144: just took my blood sugar and it is 101 so it is normal right now but I'm feeling a little lite headed

IntoThisMoment: baby did the lightheaded feeling start after you came in here?

Babyblu0144: sugar is probably dropping

IntoThisMoment: ok Baby, I'll just do a general scan and see what I find

Babyblu0144: ok

IntoThisMoment: babyblu - disclaimer: Yuen Energetics and IntoThisMoment make no claim of diagnosis, treatment or cures of symptoms, conditions or diseases...

IntoThisMoment: Yuen Energetics may or may not facilitate the healing process. Consult your physician for treatment.

IntoThisMoment: Now, sit back and relax and if you start to feel tingly or warm or lightheaded or tired that is from energy pathways opening up. Let me know if you feel or think anything.

Babyblu0144: yes

IntoThisMoment: baby, the first thing I looked at was your pancreas and adrenals, both had gonna correct those now

Babyblu0144: ok

IntoThisMoment: other organs are weak too..gonna go into an nonverbal mode so I can correct lots of things quickly

Babyblu0144: ok

IntoThisMoment: are you still feeling lightheaded/

Babyblu0144: no

IntoThisMoment: good

IntoThisMoment: you feel very stable right now
Babyblu0144: I was feeling hungry and I don't feel hungry anymore

Babyblu0144: vision was blurry and not blurry now
IntoThisMoment: wonderful

Babyblu0144: wow....thank you

kjlife57: can you do anything for emotional pain
IntoThisMoment: you're welcome

IntoThisMoment: oh yes kj

Babyblu0144: (((((((((IntoThisMoment)))))))))))))

IntoThisMoment: :) baby

Babyblu0144: Moment...thanks for your wonderful gift to me today

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