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Bruised Heart

OnlineHost: "H**********" has entered the room.
H****************: good morning
IntoThisMoment: and good morning to you :)
H****************: could you help me?
IntoThisMoment: how are you today?
H****************: i'm ok
IntoThisMoment: sure, what's up?
H****************: i fell off a stool the other day and bruised my heart, how do i heal that?
H****************: it sounds ridiculous but i really did
IntoThisMoment: fell of a stool and bruised your HEART? really? ..well I can help you, just curious
H****************: yes
IntoThisMoment: ok..first...
IntoThisMoment: Disclaimer: The Yuen Method, and IntoThisMoment make no claim of diagnosis, treatment or cures of symptoms, conditions or diseases.
H****************: ok
IntoThisMoment: The Yuen Method may or may not facilitate the healing process. Consult your physician for treatment.
IntoThisMoment: Now, sit back and relax and if you start to feel tingly or warm or lightheaded or tired that is from energy pathways opening up. Let me know if you feel anything.
H****************: ok
IntoThisMoment: ok let me scan your heart etc and see what I find
IntoThisMoment: lower left side of heart shows some energy weaknesses
IntoThisMoment: I'm correcting that now
IntoThisMoment: are you in pain now?
H****************: yes a little
IntoThisMoment: on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your pain?
H****************: about a 6
H****************: its hard to breath sometimes
IntoThisMoment: ok well hopefully I can get that lowered for you, even down to a zero
H****************: ok
IntoThisMoment: I'm looking at the muscles and ribs on that left side now..are you hurting on the left or right?
H****************: left
IntoThisMoment: ok
IntoThisMoment: left lung shows weakness too
H****************: oh geez
IntoThisMoment: no problem, I just correct it and then it's strong.
H****************: how?
IntoThisMoment: ok, what is your pain level now?
H****************: about a 2
IntoThisMoment: I correct it by sending energy to "flip" that weak energy "switch" on
H****************: how on earth do you do that?
IntoThisMoment: lol
IntoThisMoment: it's quantum physics plus medical qi gong
H****************: wow i am amazed
IntoThisMoment: yeah, I LOVE this! lol
H****************: thank you, now can you make the big black bruise go away?
H****************: lol
IntoThisMoment: well, actually....
H****************: the whole upper left side is completely black
IntoThisMoment: I know it can be done..I've never done that before...I could try but I'd like to get you to zero pain first, wouldn't that be better?
H****************: now will the bruising on my heart go away, or has it already
H****************: ok
IntoThisMoment: well I imagine it's gone away/going away are there any tests MD's can do to check for sure?
H****************: yes i have to go back tomorrow
H****************: i'll have them check and get back to you
IntoThisMoment: I'm gonna try and be real thorough now and check every cell and passage in your heart to make sure it's ok
H****************: ok
H****************: and thank you so much for helping me
IntoThisMoment: ok, still scanning your heart there are still some weaknesses
H****************: i was skeptical you know
IntoThisMoment: you're welcome
IntoThisMoment: lol everyone is skeptical, hardly anyone knows about this technique
IntoThisMoment: I don't know if you read my profile so I'll tell you , I have a
H****************: yea I've seen you online before but that was before i fell
IntoThisMoment: ah
H****************: yes i did and i will read it
IntoThisMoment: so I guess you fell because you were curious
H****************: lol
H****************: no i fell because i wasn't very smart being on that stool to begin with
IntoThisMoment: there actually is some validity to that, as strange as that might seem, it's called the law of attraction
H****************: really?
IntoThisMoment: well Dr. Yuen says "first we break our leg, then we fall of the ladder"
H****************: lol
H****************: i hear that one
IntoThisMoment: you see the physical plane is the last to exhibit things, it starts in the mental/emotional/astral planes
H****************: to be honest i don't understand
IntoThisMoment: well if you go to my website and read the encouragement page that will explain a bit of how our "vibrations" set things in motion, that will give you a start
H****************: ok i will
H****************: and again thank you
IntoThisMoment: if I laid the whole thing about diff planes etc it would melt your brain right now
H****************: i bet it would
H****************: but i'm a little under the weather to comprehend much at this time
H****************: but i will
IntoThisMoment: yes, your energy level is very low..let me raise it for you
IntoThisMoment: ok, feeling a tad more chipper yet?
H****************: yes i do!!
IntoThisMoment: :)
H****************: i have feelings in my arms again
H****************: they were very weak up until this point
H****************: again thank you now i must go and try to get some chores done
IntoThisMoment: ok, well very nice meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again
H****************: oh you will trust me
IntoThisMoment: lol
H****************: again thank you
H****************: have a nice day
OnlineHost: "H**********: " has left the room.

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