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bioenergetic optimization to your chart

 ^ An astrologer talks about the benefit of energy healing that's focused on your natal and Harmonics Charts.

"Zemira has demonstrated to me the power of her healing techniques ...I'm feeling euphoric.... it's empowering me."
                             ~ Khier Starchylde / Soothsayer Pleides (SL)

We can become misaligned to the path we began traveling at our physical birth. This session compares your current bioenergetic field to your astrological chart.* Any discord between the two is neutralized and then optimized to be in sync with your path so your life unfolds as you set it up, before incarnation.

    • Relationship
    • Career, Work, Vocation
    • Life Purpose(s), Direction
    • General Overview of life
    • Medical underpinnings

*In addition to the natal wheel and 14 asteroids (including Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vest.) I use 9 harmonic charts which provide greater depth to the healing because of their revealed aspect patterns.

This astrology healing session is not a reading where the astrologer explains lots of things to you about your chart. I look at the energy in your chart compared to how you are now, and re-sync you so you are back in balance with your chart.

$25.00 session ($70 value)
$30.00 session and your natal wheel pdf to you

    On the order page, in the customer message box,
    fill in your birth date, birth time and birth location

This is a remote session (we are not on the phone.) I will email you when your session is complete.


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