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"Sales Increased for no apparent reason except your Mp3s "

Hi Barbara

Recently I purchased your MP3's - Person to Product Harmonizing, Abundance & Success, and Transform Your Relationship with Money. The sales of my product have increased over the last few weeks for no apparent reason
except your Mp3s.

Thank You ,

Darlene Olson

"National distributor contacted us!"

I just wanted to let you know that the Attracting Clients CD I ordered from you came right away. A few days after we started playing it, we were contacted by a national distributor that they wanted to carry our product. So I am quite happy with it, and continue to play it in the background while I am working!
Thank You,

ADM, Oregon

"First full fee paying client"

Hi Barbara

I'm confident your Abundance & Success and Attracting Clients cleansing has played an important part in my current growth and focus. I've played the Mp3 for Attracting Clients 7 times and immediately after the session you did for me, where I received the Abundance & Success cleansing, I felt lighter, clearer and more focused. Since then I've helped someone with a deal that will bring me 33% interest on my investment over the next year and it will STILL be saving them money. I've attracted my first full fee paying client for my new comprehensive Career Coaching service. AND, right now I have over a dozen jobs on the go and have been furiously marketing my business and other services.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Shelley Cox
Resume Writer
Melbourne, Australia


Abundance & Success

Based on the teachings of Harv Eker and Joe Vitale this healing set will shift and optimize many energetic abundance and success facets to ignite your life with power, drive and satisfaction. Some of these facets are 1. Raising the set point of your money blueprint, 2. Letting go of needs and attachments that hold you back, 3. Feeling congruent with being spiritual and rich at the same time, 4. Effortlessly willing to "do what it takes.", 5. Feeling great about money being important for your life, 6. Opening the pathways to your full potential.

I'm finding that for those who are energetically optimized in related ways (they just need the cork taken off of the bottle, so to speak) this healing set totaly blows open the channels so your business will pick up very quickly. Be prepared for success - make sure you can handle the increase in customer emails, orders, etc. I'm also seeing ideas that were just flickers of inspiration now come much faster AND the ways to implement them just show up with no effort on your part. So have a good plan for daily R&R time too so you don't burn out! Remember to breathe!

"After playing the CD nonstop for a week we had more business than we could handle." Joe, Peoria, IL

Attracting Clients

Be a magnet for your ideal clients. Sit back and relax as healing vibrations effortlessly shift and cleanse your bioenergetic field. Imagine how enjoyable it is to come into a clean home instead of a clutter filled house. It feels so good to be there. In the same way, we attract more people and are more productive when our bioenergetic field is free from blocks and resistances and sabotaging patterns. This healing set optimizes you for an abundance of clients, as well as creating positive resonance between you and your present and future customers/clients. This can also be helpful if you are looking for a job.

Person to Product Harmonizing

Is decision making a challenge for you? Or are you attracting customers for you services or products but they aren't buying? This healing set neutralizes fears, resistances and insensitivity so you or others will know, accept and desire what is for their highest good. This healing set is also great for house and estate sales to clear the energy of the homeowner from the products for sale.

Transform Your Relationship with Money

This energy healing clears your blocks and resistances, and repatterns your nonconscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes about money and financial abundance.

   • clears negative money beliefs
   • clears resistance that hold you back
   • clears self sabotage triggers
   • clears incongruence between conscious and
      non-conscious for success and abundance
   • clear doubts
   • clears the path for accepting positive abundance and      success patterns
   • clears money and success fears


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** Mp3s play for 1 minute ** and contain the same healing vibrations that are on the CDs.

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Differences Between
the Mp3 and CD

  • Each CD plays for 45 minutes. Mp3s play for 1 minute and contain the identical healing vibrations as the CD. This means it takes less time to receive the healing with the Mp3.
  • Repeatedly play an Mp3 in a few minutes to receive deeper and deeper levels of healing. The healing you receive from playing the CD for 4 hours takes just 5 minutes with the Mp3.
  • Easily transfer the Mp3s to an iPod or other Mp3 player. Would you rather carry 1 iPod with 32 Mp3s or 32 CDs? The Mp3s on an iPod are great when traveling to work or on a vacation.
  • The Mp3s are immediately downloadable after purchase. The CDs are snail mailed to you, incur shipping charges and cost $10 more than the Mp3s.
  • The Mp3s take up less space in your room and on your computer.

  • Download the iTunes Free Mp3 Player for PC or Mac

    Download the iTunes Free Mp3 Player for PC or Mac

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